Blackjack, Craps or Baccarat: Which Game Has the Best Odds?

Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat are very popular games in the world of gambling and casinos. Gamblers from all over the world try their luck on these three and gamble huge amounts of money on these.

But which one would be the best choice for someone who has less money and wants to gamble? Which one gives you better odds for winning?

Well, here the detailed overview of all three, so that you can be the best judge of choosing the right one for yourself:


While considering the best odds of winning, Blackjack can be your best option. You might be loosing only half a penny for every dollar you invest.

That gives you a casino edge of 0.5%. If you are sitting at the right table and you are aware of what you are doing these are what you can expect from the game. With 49% chances of winning, it becomes definitely one of your best options.

If you understand the basics of the game, then you should be doing fine by taking your first shot.

You can even bring a cheat paper to your table with you to memorize tiny decisions like – splitting 4s only when you see 5 or 6 from the dealer or, you can split 8s at any moment of the game. Its 100% legal and casinos won’t stop you from doing so.


This game doesn’t require a lot of mental activity. If you want to try your sheer luck, Craps is the place to bet. All you need to do is put $10  and wait for a new roller to roll the dice.

The only thing that you need to remember is, put your bet on the Passline. You get pretty good odds of winning since the house edge is only 1.4%. On a lucky day and increasing bets, you can win a huge amount of money on this game.

If you still want even better odds of winning, simply place your bet on the Don’t Pass Line.

Here the casino’s edge becomes 1.36%. But you need to remember that almost all the other people would be betting on the Pass Line. So be decent after you win, unless you might end up in a fight with others.


Baccarat has become hugely popular in most casinos since it gives the player higher winning odds. With a casinos edge ranging from 1.01% to 1.24%, this game has more chances of making you win.

The rules are that you have to place a bet on either Player or Banker. Whichever side makes it closer to 9, wins the game. Isn’t that easy?

It might seem that it has a higher value for bets, but it is better to bet higher values with greater winning stakes than the ones with lesser values and lesser winning stakes.


All three of these casino games deliver great odds of winning. With each of their above-mentioned overviews, be the best judge of choosing one and place your bets accordingly.

It’s better to choose one depending on the money and time that you are ready to invest in a game.