A Battle to the Finish: Blackjack Vs. Craps

The contest between Blackjack and Craps can be a little complicated. Considering only the House Edge would not be the only way to find out about it. There can be situations where with a lower house edge and a fast game,

Craps and blackjack are two of the most popular casino tables games.

When playing with dices and cards, both games have a distinctive high intensity of excitement and mostly a fast roll. Craps is usually considered a chance game, whereas blackjack is a more skilful game.

To understand both of them you will require and detailed overview of both the games and the way they work. Moving forward the respective details:

Blackjack –

As you might be knowing Blackjack is a card game where the cards are evenly distributed among players and the one with the closest number to 21 and not exceeding it wins. With this simple rule, it is obvious that the players need to make decisions based on their previous moves and present cards.

Blackjack at a complete table is around 60 hands an hour. Blackjack will see players playing around 100 hands an hour head-to-head against the dealer. The quicker decisions take place, the better.

The players would require the knowledge of counting numbers and a good memory to beat the other players. If you are not having a good analysis power about numbers and moves then you might lose the game even with a lower house edge.

The volatility of the Game –

Being an unpredictable and communicating game, Blackjack can be tricky, especially for novice players. There can be occasions like double downs or splits where the players would have huge advantages. But if someone is likely to lose on these occasions there is a high chance that the game might crash.

Craps –

Craps is a much-simplified game when it comes to comparison with Blackjack. Here a shooter rolls dice on the table and players place bets on the what the roll is going to be. Other than dice rolling skills there is nothing more to master in this game.

The involvement of other players on the table and the excitement spree of the participants make this game very exciting.

The odds of winning remain high for this game because it also holds a lower house edge. It is better to stick to betting on one number strategy for better odds.

Learning about a few betting strategies like where to bet and where not to, would be enough for anyone to win a lot from this game. It is the addictive nature of this game which might lead the player to lose the amount which he has won earlier.

The volatility of the game –

It is rather more volatile than the Blackjack. But with proper knowledge about where to bet and where not to and sticking to betting on a single number, you make it less risky. 


After the detailed overview of both the games its obvious that both of them are having their pros and cons. But if the player is playing the games as per the mentioned strategies, the chances of losing is considerably less. Rest you can say that- “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.