Candyland Board Game | | Tips & Tricks to Win the Game

Candyland is one of the most popular board games especially for the children. The game requires players to be the first player to reach the Candy Castle which is at the end of the board. 

So if you are interested in playing Candyland card game, then keep reading further to know more about it. 

Candyland game Goal – To be the first player to reach the Candy Castle, located at the end of the board.

Number of Players – A game for 2-4 players

Game Materials – A game board, 4 character figures, 64 cards

Game Type – Children’s Board Game

Game Audience – Adults and Children the age of 3

How to Setup 

As it is a children’s board game, the setup of Candyland game is pretty easy. The board is set on a flat surface such that it is accessible to all the players. Now shuffle the cards and place them near the board. 

How to Play 

Candyland is easy to play for children as well as it does not require reading. The only thing required is understanding of color to play the game. 

The game is started with the youngest player. 

A player will start the game by drawing a card from the deck. Then decide the type of card they have and then make a movement accordingly on the game board. Once done, move the card to the Discard pile.


In Candyland, there are 3 basic card types- cards with single color blocks, two-color blocks, and picture cards. All cards have different sets of rules for them.

  • Single Color Block Cards – Move the Character figure forward. It should be on the block closer to the Candy Castle of the same color. 
  • Two Colored blocks – If you get cards having two colored blocks on them, then you will have to move your character closer to the end goal of Candy Castle. Now you will be looking for a second space that will match a color on the card.
  • Picture Card – Players can draw a picture card that correspond to the pink tiles on the game board which match the picture on the card. Players have to move to that place on the game board even if that means to move away from the Candy Castle.

How to Move

The main goal in Candyland is to move to the end of the board game to the Candy Castle. 

End of the Game

Here are some of the special Candyland rules – 

  • Players can have their character figure on the place where another player’s character figure is present. 
  • Unless you pull a picture card, you will always have to move forward. In case you pull a card, you can move backward or forward based on where the matching tile is on the board with respect to your position. 
  • There are 2 shortcuts on the game board – Rainbow Trail and Gumdrop pass. Players can take these shortcuts only when they land on the orange space under the Rainbow Trail or the yellow space under the Gumdrop Pass. If a player lands on these spaces, they can take the path and end up on either the green space over the Gumdrop Pass or on the purple space over the Rainbow Trail.
  • In Candyland, you will find some spaces marked with Licorice. In case a player lands on such spaces, they have to stay there for the next turn. Once they miss one turn, then they can play again. 

The player who follows all the above rules and reaches the Candy Castle first wins Candyland game. 

That was it all about Candyland game. In case you have any questions about the game, feel free to drop them in the comments below and we will come back to your rescue.