Royal Casino | Tips & Tricks to Win the Game

Royal Casino game is one of the most popular card games. The game is a little different from other card games, as here you will see that the face cards have numerical values. So, if you are interested to know more about the game, then keep reading further.

·        Royal Casino game goal – To Capture the cards from the layout.

·        Total Number of Players – 2-4 players 

·        Number of Cards – 52 card deck 

·        Game Type – Casino game

How to Deal

Royal Casino is played generally with 2 players but you can always add up to 3 or 4 players. In a 4 players game, the players will play in partnerships. The deal as well as the game proceed in a clockwise manner.

·        Number Cards from 2 to 10 are equal to the face value.

·        Kings – 13

·        Queen – 12

·        Jack – 11

·        Ace – 1 or 14 based on what the player wants and needs.

The dealer is chosen randomly.  The dealer will deal 4 faced up cards to each player and 4 faced up cards to the table. When all the players have played their cards, they are given 4 more cards and the game continues.

But the cards on the table are not redealt. The game stops when the deck runs out of cards and the hands are scored.

How to Play

The player to the right of the dealer starts the game. The game proceeds in an anti-clockwise manner. In a turn, a player has to play one card from their hand faced up on the table. The cards can be played in the below manner –

·        A card can capture one or many faced up cards on the table. One card of the same value can be captured or sets of cards whose addition will be the value of capturing cards can be captured, provided that the set of cards that are captured are not a part of the build. Builds can be captured in entirety. The capturing card should be equal as the blind value. The captured cards and the capturing cards are kept aside in a faced down pile.

·        A card played can be combined with cards on the table so as to form builds. The piles are to be captured only as units. A Single build has a capture value same as that of the capture values that compose it. For instance, a build that has a 5 and a 9 has the capture value – 14. An ace can capture this build. A multiple build is one where there are 2 or more cards or sets of cards that have the same capture value. For example, a multiple build of 8 will have two 4s, a 6, an 8 and a 2. Or it could be a pair of 8s or a 2,6, and 8. The owner of the build is the player who has added to it most recently. The cards that are not in a build are known as loose cards.

·        When a played card is left alone on the table to capture or to be built upon, then it is called as a trail.

Royal Casino Game Rules

Given below are some of the restrictions laid on the builds, trails and capturing –

·        If a player wants to create a build or add to an existing build, then they need to have a card in their hand which is equal to its capture value. They also have to keep that card in hand unless another player captures it. A player is not permitted to start or add to their partner’s build. When a player adds to or creates a build, they automatically get the ownership of that build.

·        If a player owns a building then they are not allowed to trail. A player can create builds, add to the builds or capture cards. In case they cannot do any of these things, then they are required to capture the build.

·        No players are allowed to trail if the card they want to trail is of the same value to a loose card on the table. That card has to capture the one loose card or many loose cards of the same value in order to create or add to a build. But it is not mandatory for the players to capture builds or sets of cards.

·        Players can increase the value of the single builds that are owned by other players. They can do so by adding a single card to it. In order to add to or create a build, players must have a card in hand that has a value same as the new capture value. So, if a build comprises of a 4 and a 6, and the player has a 2 and a queen in their hand, then they can add that 2 to the build so as to make the total capture value of 12.

·        The capture values of multiple builds are not changed. In case of single builds, they can be converted into multiple builds by adding cards.

In Royal Casino game, variant sweeps can also be played. This is when one player takes all the cards from table and the next player has to trail. When a sweep is made, the capture card is placed faced down on the cards piles that they have won. A sweep gives 1 point to the player. When the opponent’s make sweeps, they cancel out each other.


The scoring in Royal Casino game is as mentioned below –

1. Player with the maximum number of cards = 3 points

2. Player with the maximum number of spades = 1 point

3. Big Casino (10 of Diamonds) = 2 points

4. Little Casino (2 of Spades) = 1 point

5. Aces in this order – Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds = 1 point

6. Sweeps = 1 point each

In case of a tie for most of the cards, no players get the points.

The teams and the players begin with 0 points and play till a player or a team achieves 21 plus points. When a player or a team has their score near 21, the below rules apply –

·        If a player or a team scores 18 points, then they can win only when they capture the maximum number of cards.

·        If a player or a team scores 19 points, then they can win only when they take Big Casino.

·        If a player or a team scores 21 points, then they can win only when they Little Casino.

Once players meet the above requirements, they can win the game automatically. The players who have more than 18 points can’t score for any number of sweeps. But their sweeps can be used to cancel the sweeps of other players.

In case there happens a tie between the players by scoring 21 points in the same deal, then the game proceeds without a point limit till one of the team or player passes the other and then wins.