Play Three Card Poker Like a Pro | Easy Game Strategy Guide

The first game is referred to as the Pair Plus. Players will bet whether or not they are getting a pair. The other one is the ante game and allows players to play the best hands against the dealer.

Some casinos will provide you with the possibility to bet on both games, whilst others require you to place a Pair Plus bet before you go ahead. There is a side bet called the 6-card bonus.

If your 3 cards and the 3 cards of the dealer form a good poker hand, you can bet on that. However, we do not encourage you to do so because you are losing much more than you are winning.

Here the easy game strategy guides:

1.Place your bets

You have a few choices to take before the dealer lays out the cards when you sit down at a poker table of 3 cards. You must first decide how much money you will bet. The next thing you need to do, once you have done this, is to decide which bets you are placing. Will you place a Pair Plus or an ante bet or should you place the two? Understand that you will have to place an ante bet in some casinos.

2.Three cards are circulated

When you make the decision on how much money you will bet and what kind of wager you will place, the dealer will give three cards to everybody on the table and then three cards. Play starts at the dealer’s left hand and goes on around the table.

3. When to play or fold

You can look at your three cards and decide whether to start raising or fold. You will put another stake equivalent to your ante bet, identified as a play wager, if you want to remain in the round and check on the dealer’s hand. You fold and end up losing money you’ve already staked, if your hand is a waste and you won’t.

4. Hands are compared

Once everybody at the table has decided whether they’re raising or folding, the dealer will switch over his three cards. When the dealer has a queen high or better, they meet the criteria to carry on. If the dealer qualifies, you will win some money if you beat the dealer’s hand. All of the residual hands are compared to others.

3 Card Winning bonus

If the dealer doesn’t qualify because they don’t have a high or better queen, all the players still playing will receive their play bets and even receive their ante wager money.

Final thing:

And you are now reaching the end of our 3 card poker analysis. We hope your expertise of playing 3 card poker online has greatly enhanced.

We’ve provided all you need to know about this game and are sure that what you’ll find helps you have a wonderful gaming experience with 3 card poker.

The optimal strategy for this game is to play and practice for free before you incur any money of yours. You can get acquainted with the game, and it won’t cost you if you make a rookie error.