Progressive Betting Strategies for Craps and Blackjack

Winning craps is not easy because it is a low privileged game in simple words. But craps has some of the bets that can seriously create a toll on your finance. In order to pick the right crap and win immediately, you need to ensure that you are well conversant with the gaming rule at once. Read the article, to get some vivid idea on the gaming strategy. And how to place the bets intelligently on craps and blackjack follow the rest of the article.

Put the right bet forward:

Being a punter, you need to apply this strategy initially. In fact, this becomes applicable when you are playing the pass and come- bets. Indeed this strategy will work out the best both in cases of the online and traditional casino parlors. It is because the house- edge is low for both of these.

 Strategy for come bet:

In come bet scenario you win only when the shooter points at the no 7 or at the number 11. However, unfortunately, you will be on the losing side if the shooter points at the numbers like the 12, 3 and 2. Therefore, if you want to win you need to remember about these numbers at once.

The pass line bet crap strategy:

In order to win the pass line, you need to make the ultimate strategy. That means you will have to set the right combination of the dices. Here also note that your chance of losing is more if the shooter points at 2, 12 or 3.

Can apply Don’t come or don’t pass strategy:

According to this strategy, you as the punter can bet in a wrong crap. Note that if you put the wage on the do not pass then mostly you will end up gaining than losing. However, this process seems more feasible when you are playing the casinos online. Otherwise, in traditional casinos, the concept of them does not pass or don’t come would look a bit awkward actually.

The strategy of playing the blackjacks:

Stand or hit:

Talking hit or stand, you need to consider whether you are going to accept one more card and continue the play.

Double or not:

In the fundamental strategy-making rule, you should consider the idea of double. When it is about doubling obviously, you have the opportunity to make the winning call. Though some of the casinos do not approve the idea, still ensure to rule out the game.

Take the split or not:

Whether you will split or not that completely depends on the card pairing. For example, if you have king and jack card then it is fine if you do not go for the split.

Surrender or remain without surrendering:

If you are playing at the traditional casino then you have to surrender initially when you are having the first two cards. Now suppose if you chose to surrender after the hit is made the casino will not allow you to do that at all.

Final Thing:

Whichever game you are playing whether its blackjack or the crap ensure that you go through the strategies at length so that you can always find glory with the winning crown.