Psychological Traps Used by Bookmakers

Psychology is the science that studies human behavior, that is, the behavior that people have. Our behavior is guided, mainly, by emotions and thought. Emotions are often more powerful or stronger than reasoning and this leads us to act passionately.

This is something that bookmakers and casinos take advantage of, whether online or physical. Knowing these traps or tricks will allow you to play and bet more consciously, with greater self-control and a sense of well-being.

Your brain processes large amounts of information every second. Fortunately, the brain is able to process the information it considers relevant and omits that which it believes is useless. This is called cognitive economics. A priori, this economy seems all advantages, but it is not.

Not being able to process all the information around you leads you to make thinking mistakes. In the world of gambling, these errors can be responsible for financial losses and even debt. In this article we reveal 5 tricks that bookmakers use so that you can play with excitement.

Careful interface down to the last detail

Lights, sounds, colors … nothing you see on your screen is the result of chance. The bookmakers take great care of the design of their sites and mobile applications to trap you in an atmosphere of great appeal and enjoyment. In addition, these usually lack a clock (especially when we talk about an app) so that you lose track of the time you spend playing. How to fight this? Limit your playing time.

You can use the alarm on your cell phone to avoid spending hours gambling. You can also resort to the “responsible gambling” section of your website if you feel you need it.

Illusory optimism

This trap refers to the illusion of control over a situation. For example, a person who smokes will be more immune to diseases caused by smoking than other users. This is a trick that is used unconsciously to maintain a behavior that we like (in this case, smoking). This delusion applies to the world of gambling.

You think you know more than the rest of the bettors and that luck is going to be in your favor. And this belief makes you feel confident and encouraged to bet more money than you should.

False control

You have been gambling for some time, you think that you already know enough and that you have everything under control. But, to what extent is this real control? The bookmakers take advantage of those players who think they know everything. And the worst part is that they don’t have to work hard.

The false control will lead you to make bad decisions without the bookmaker having to make an effort for you to fall for this trick. Thus, it is important that you are aware that there is a certain element of chance or luck in betting and that you cannot be victorious 100% of the time.

Irresistible offers

Numerous scientific studies have shown the powerful effect that offerings have on our brain. When we see offers and promotions, we immediately release wellness hormones. This fact is continually exploited by bookmakers around the world. Periodically, you can see new and very attractive promotions that invite you to join houses where you have not played yet. Generally, bookmakers require you to make an initial deposit to enjoy the offer.

Thus, they create a sense of loyalty towards the bookmaker. Our recommendation: review the terms and conditions of each promotion very well before taking the bait. Choose an offer that makes sense. We recommend this bonus code.

Intermittent reinforcement

When you are awarded only once in a while (instead of 100% of the times you bet), you feel invited to spend more time and / or money on the game. Why? Because every time you are rewarded, your brain releases wellness hormones. Thus, you will bet until you get that “dose” of joy.

It is for this reason that you should limit the amount of money you invest in betting and know how to bet online. And remember, if you have problems with gambling, psychology can help you thanks to its behavior extinction techniques. Don’t let gambling affect your day-to-day in a negative way.

Finally, sports betting should be leisure to have a great time, and not a source of trouble.