Texas Hold’em Rules | Get them Right

In Texas, players seek to make the best five-card poker hand in the standard ranking.

Hold’em is no different from the other five-card draw poker games. But in Texas, the way players build their hands is a bit different from drawn poker.

Every player will have two cards handed down face down (the “hole cards”), and five more cards will eventually be handed over in the midst of the table during the next rounds.

Such face-up cards are referred to as ‘Community Cards,’ as each player uses a five-card poker deck.

Texas Holdem Betting Rules – The Turn

When you finish the betting round (i.e. any player wants to see the next card is worth any bet) the dealer again burns out one card facing down from the play and then a single face-up card in the centre of the table next to the 3 flop cards (see image).

The third betting round begins after the turn has been done.

The third round of betting is similar to the flop betting round except that the size of a bet and the end betting round of the round have been multiplied to the extent that betting in our game costs players 50 pounds.

The betting round is multiplied.

Texas Holdem Betting Rules – Pre-Flop

If you get your hole cards from all players, you ‘re in the preflop betting round. Every player examines his or her cards and decides what to do. Only one player in Hold’em can function simultaneously.

The pre-flop betting round begins with the big blind player on the left. Three options for this player:

  • Fold: Pay nothing to the pot, cast your hand away and wait to play again the next deal.
  • Call: match the quantity of the big blind (the pre-flop is also called “scrap.”)
  • Raise: increase the bet by doubling the big blind amount. (Note: players can increase more according to the betting style, see the No-limit and Pot-limit rules above).

Texas Holdem Betting Rules – The River

If more than one player is left on one of the previous streets, the river is treated. Dealing with the river is equal to turning the card face up and a single face-up card.

It is the last street and there are no more cards in that hand. The round of bets is the same as the turn round of betting.


The player now joins the showdown once the river betting round is over. The best poker 5 card hand wins the pot at this stage. Here are the rules about a Hold’em showdown that you need to know:

  • The first player to reveal his hand is the default river better. If any other players first want to raise their hand, that’s all right.
  • If there were no bets on the river, the player nearest to the left side of the dealer must first open the hand and move around the table clockwise.
  • If you have a losing hand, then you can show your cards or just muck your hand and grant the pot.