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Write for Us: Betting, Gambling, Casino – Betting mode is a platform for all those who wish to know about multiple betting sites online and want to know the extensive database that will enhance their knowledge and information. Our main aspect is to focus on gambling, betting, and Casino.

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We do not want that many of the users any difficulty whenever they wish to grab any knowledge. Moreover, we always bring up to date information regarding the banking industry and also review online casinos. We also provide betting tips and tricks along with guides to play.

This will not only let them place easily but also help them to understand the aspect of playing with that. Moreover, when it comes to General information, the latest news and other factors link with Betting the same is also available here.

If you feel like not even a single platform is working in your favor whenever you wish to showcase your talent, considering a guest post of betting, gambling, and casino, then we are here to help you.

You will not only be able to polish your talent, but you will be able to gain some publicity in writing, and people will be able to get in touch with you.

Do not forget that you are focusing on the content, and you are not making any mistakes whenever you are drafting is.

In case while drafting the content, you have missed any of the points, then if we become difficult for you to submit the post to us.

If you are not aware that who we are and how you can be with us, then here we have explained everything, and within no time, you will have answers available to the queries you are having.

Who can join us?

We do not want anyone who is not having an interest. We want those writers who have an interest in gambling, betting, and Casino. They have a keen interest in all of these platforms and know how to put the aspect properly.

Moreover, there is no Foundation applied that you need to participate in gambling, but you need to write an article and submit a guest post having all the basic details available in it.

If you are able to share all the information, then this platform will going to offer a lot to you in return. When you are writing about Betting, gambling, and Casino you must put every aspect in it.

We always want that when a user is coming to grab some knowledge, they will know their answer at first sight. It is not necessary for you to expertise in every field. You just need to be particular about the single field and polish your talent in the same.

Our topic of writing categories:

  • Reviews on casinos
  • Betting and gambling
  • Betting guide analysis
  • Casino tips and tricks
  • Sporting opinions and viewpoints
  • Latest news and updates in the gambling world
  • Predictions
  • Any of the topic which is dealing with all these aspects like betting, Casino and gambling you can consider writing.

Write for us:

If you have a thought in mind that you need a lot of experience in writing to work with us, then this is just a minute.

We always want someone who has a keen interest in a particular topic and can bring out new things from the stuff available.

If you have an innovative mind and can implement the things accordingly, then we are helping you, and you can write to us. Moreover, we will be going to mention some points which make this particular aspect clear to you. This includes:

  • You need to know about English only. Apart from it, we do not require any particular qualification.
    When you are writing about something, you must be passionate about learning new things so that you can easily put the interest in the post.
  • We always want unique content. If you are copying the content from other websites, then it is just a waste for us, and it is their wastage of time as well.
  • Research is also a factor that a writer needs to consider. When you are writing a quality article, consider a lot of sides and then find the information that will help you make your content more interesting and worth reading.
  • You must be having an understanding considering gambling, Casino, and Betting well so that you will be able to provide appropriate content in the manner we require.
  • We always put informative content for our readers. If you are looking forward to making any promotion, then we are not the right choice for you to consider.
  • You are free to express your opinion. We are not bounding to you. You just need to be aware that you are not promoting any particular product or website. Until and unless you are writing a unique article, we are here helping you for the same.

If you are searching for the opportunity to submit a guest post to us considering gambling, betting, and Casino, then it is a suggestion to come to us and showcase your talent.

We will not only provide you a platform to showcase your talent but will also appreciate your efforts. In return, people will be able to know about you, and also they will be able to get in touch with you.

When you work actively with us, it will take you a long way. You just need to understand the rules and regulations of our platform, which are a must to consider by every writer working with us.

Rules and instructions to follow to Betting, Gambling, Casino write for us:-

Rules and regulations always play a very important role when you are working with us. The protocols which we have designed for our writers are not very hard to follow. These are very basic ones. The particular rules and regulations which you need to follow include:-

  • The length of the article must be more than 800 and less than 3000. Always try to choose catchy titles and put relevant information in it. If you are putting irrelevant content in it, then it will not be going to be accepted by us. An ideal length of the article is 1000+ rest it depends upon the writer how many words he will be going to take.
  • We always prefer original content. If you are copying the content from other websites or platforms, then it will not be acceptable. If you are providing us copy-pasted or plagiarized content, then it will not be tolerated by us.
  • You need to understand the format. The format of the article must be neat and clean, and particular headings, bullets, and formats are used. Make sure that when you are highlighting a paragraph, it is appropriate, and the transition from one line to another between a paragraphs is smooth, and you are not compromising with formatting at all.
  • English is a must for you to know. In case you are submitting the post without grammar, then also we will not be going to accept it.
  • The information you will be going to mention in the article also matters. Do not repeat the information again and again. Put the information in the manner that a user will be going to get an idea in a while. If you are putting unnecessary content, then also will not going to appreciate it.
  • If you are punctual and obey the deadlines, then also you are welcomed by us. If you are not completing the work within the deadline, then and we will not going to accept it. In case of an emergency, you can convey the message to us, and we will deliver it accordingly.
  • You need to give access to edit the content. We have the whole right to add our internal and affiliate links to the article.
  • After you submit the post to us, you cannot question why we have made the changes in it. This belongs to us, and we can modify it accordingly.
  • We want our writers to write general articles only. Write all the articles in a general tone. If we are providing you with promotional articles for the same, you will receive a particular set of instructions for it.
  • Grab all the necessary information mentioned in the post and then for the draft of the article. It must be up to the mark and obey all the instructions. It will not only reduce the chances of errors, but the quality of your article will get enhance.
  • Proofread the article after completing it. In the case of format, grammatical, and spelling mistakes, review it, and change it accordingly.

A writer must be aware of all the rules and regulations because it will not only let them prepare the article accordingly, but the chances of rejections will become almost zero.

After focusing on terms and conditions, a user will have the right to say whether they are getting the same result as they have expected.

We always appreciate if a writer is aware of every aspect and how to deal with their rights and easily understand what they need to follow.

Acceptable Writing Style:

The list of writing style accepted by us is so long. You need to be aware of the information and only put the element content. From generic content to unique, we always want our writer to write the content in a manner that it is worth reading.

You can write an article on any of the topics like tips to Betting, casinos, gambling, how to be a gambler, and so on accordingly. You just need to put relevant information in it.

  • Do not use Complex and sophisticated words. Try to make the article user friendly so that the general public can understand easily.
  • Readability is also a matter of concern. Try to make the article crisp so a user will enjoy learning.
  • Also, think whether the article is following the guidelines or not. Always make the article informative and try to add the information accordingly.

What Benefits Do the Writers Gain?

Write a VB going to get a lot of benefits. They will be going to get a platform where they can easily showcase their talent, and a lot of audiences will be able to get in touch with them. One will be able to improve their writing skills, and also, if they wish to put their thoughts and creativity to work, then we are also welcome. You can easily link your blog and social accounts with the content of your posting.

Link policy:

The article you have written, you can add one do for a link to it. Make sure it is only pointing to your blog and not for any commercial, affiliate, or any particular product promotion.

Promotional or Commercial Staff:

If you wish to advertise any of the products, affiliate site for a commercial website and wish to write a guest post for the same, then do not come to us for it at all. It comes under the paid section, and we do not make any kind of promotion at all.
If you wish to add a do follow the link to the affiliate, commercial, product, or service-based site, you can also follow the respective contact, and the subject name should be “sponsored post advertisement.”

How to Submit a Write for Us Casino Guest Post:

Shoot mail us here: anonymous.poker321 [at] gmail.com

That’s it for Casino Write for us.